IVF Calendar

The following simple approximation of events that follow the course of your ICSI treatment with us can be used to determine the number of days you may wish to take leave from work for and the number of days you may wish to book accommodation for in Antalya. 

To manage the starting date of your treatment cycle you will be asked to take the contraceptive pill (OCP – active only) starting preferably on the 1st day of your full menstrual bleed in the cycle prior to your treatment cycle and continuing for 21 days (or up to 30 on your clinicians advice). After stopping the pill you will have 5 days in which to travel to Antalya. We will need you to be at the clinic on the 26th day of your cycle to start your follicle stimulating drugs. You will need to stay in Antalya for at least 18 days from the day of starting your drugs by which time your embryo transfer should have taken place.