Preimplantation genetic diagnosis(PGD)

Antalya IVF works in association with an internationally recognized genetics laboratory to offer a comprehensive chromosomal and or genetic screening service.

PGD stands for preimplantation genetic diagnosis a highly sophisticated scientific method to identify embryos from IVF that are free of genetically inherited conditions, including birth defects and genetic disorders. PGD involves the removal of one or more cells from an embryo or blastocyst and the subsequent genetic testing of these cells for specific genetic conditions or chromosomal disorders. Only those embryos diagnosed as being of normal genetic order or free of a specific disorder are selected for replacement in PGD-IVF cycle, thereby maximizing the chance of a healthy baby.

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis may be considered if there is any concern about any of the following issues;

• risk of having a child with an inherited genetic condition
• either partner has a known family history of chromosome rearrangement
• previous chromosomal abnormality in a pregnancy
• advanced maternal age (usually to test for Down syndrome where the mother is over 38 years old)
• recurrent miscarriage
• repeated embryo transfers without pregnancy

What can be tested for?
Single gene disorders
Translocations (where parts of a chromosome are broken off and rearranged)
Aneuploidy (chromosomal additions or deletions)